Products worth knowing about.


From time-to-time I'll put items on this page that I really like. It maybe a component that is great value for money, or offers exceptional sound in it's class or breaks new ground with technology.


Naim muso

Naim looked at the all-in-one market and decided to make a unit that sounded better than the competition. They have succeeded and then some. The Mu-so (and it's smaller sibling the Mu-so Qb at $1450.00) is a compact, beautifully built component that brings Naim's trade mark sound that places importance on the pace, rhythm and timing of music.

Connect it to your home network with either an ethernet cable or wireless. It features all the digital technologies listeners will require - UPnP (Universal Plug n' Play) streaming, Airplay, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth, USB plus analogue and digital inputs. You can even play the sound from your TV through it if your telly has an optical audio out.

Control is either via the lovely rotary knob on the unit, the supplied remote control and/or the free Naim app.

Unleash your digital music wherever it's stored for the bargain price of $1999.00


isotek aquarius mains conditioner

IsoTek is a British company designing and building award-winning power optimisation products. The quality of the electricity our hi-fi systems receive has a profound effect on their musical performance.

The increase of both differential (distortion from anything plugged into our mains) and Common Mode (RFI, wi-fi etc) is causing a detrimental effect on our music and home theatre systems.

The multi award-winning Aquarius is designed to lower these effects by up to 60dB before they enter our audio/visual components. This results in a lower noise floor leading to better resolution, improved attack and decay and better bass control.

With 6 socket outlets, including 2 for high current components, the Aquarius is fairly priced at $2999.00



Oppo 203.png

oppo UDP-203 universal network 3d/4K blu-ray player

Oppo make premium Blu-ray network players that deliver the best picture and audio quality from your discs. Oppo have kept it simple with only two models in the range. The UDP-203 is their entry level player and delivers superb picture and audio quality across various audio/video sources, plus loads of features for only $1049.

The UDP-205 is their flagship audiophile grade universal player. At $2299 it isn't cheap, but it offers improvements in both sound and picture quality plus features over the 203 for those that want the best from their A/V system.

If you're serious about your home theatre system then consider either of these Oppo 4K capable universal players as your next source component.