Cafes, restaurants, offices, retail - good audio should be everywhere.


Whether you run a small cafe or a busy restaurant, you take pride in your food and the ambience of your venue.  I believe a good audio experience can complement any meal. Good audio doesn't have to "break the bank" and it's an investment that sets your business apart. Improve your dining, retail or office experience with a sound system that enhances your line of business by making music playback a priority rather than an afterthought. Quality audio can make all the difference for both your customers and your staff.

Another important consideration is the acoustic ambience of your premises. Hard reflections off the walls, floor, and ceiling will affect your comfort levels and those of your customers. Your brain will try to separate the hard reflections of clanging cutlery and loud conversation from other patrons, from the direct sound of the person(s) you're trying to have a chat with. But it can’t. This is because the reflections arrive with a very short time delay. This has a fatiguing effect on your brain. As soon as a customer/client enters a room, they are subconsciously affected by its acoustic properties. If the acoustics are too busy – like in a modern café with hard surfaces and no acoustic treatment they will feel uneasy and stressed. The acoustics will affect their sense of space in a room – for the better or for the worse.

Living Sound has the expertise and products to remedy this common acoustics problem. It needn't be expensive and the various room treatments can be added over time to suit your budget. 



Cafes & Restaurants

We've all been in too many dining places where the music is played too loud on really bad gear such as cheap home theatre systems. Dreadful. Good music replay adds to the dining experience more than the decor. It really is that important. Too often it appears to be an afterthought, when in reality it should be at the top of the priority list. I can assist you with choosing a sound system tailored for your cafe or restaurant. It doesn't have to be big or expensive, and it will give your premises the edge over the competition.


Clothing, shoes, jewellery and books all lend themselves to being sold in an environment that adds to the buying experience. A good sound system will enhance that experience. A cheap radio in the corner playing classic hits will not! Customers need to be able to hear themselves think when trying to decide which article of clothing, jewellery or book to purchase. Loud music pumping through a rubbish system doesn't help them, especially so with older folk. Increase sales and make your store classy with good music played through a good sound system.


offices & Health

Some offices like to operate in silence. But if you do require music for the benefit of clients and/or staff, then make it count. Quality sound at an appropriate volume can make all the difference. A good sound system raises the bar to give the right ambience in and around office spaces. Likewise, in the health sector (think dentists, doctors and physiotherapists), a proper sound system often makes patients feel more relaxed through being distracted by nice music. Discrete music replay is the key in these situations.