With a wealth of experience I'll help create an audio solution that best suits your needs and budget.


About ME

I trained and worked in Christchurch as a manufacturing jeweller in the 80’s, then, wanting to fulfil a long-term ambition my wife and I opened and operated a record store called Rhythm Records in Nelson in the 90’s. I’ve been involved with Living Sound since 1999.

A Hi-Fi and music enthusiast for over 40 years, I started as many kids did in the 1970s with an all-in-one record player which looked like a small suitcase. I was continually tweaking the thing, trying to improve its sound. I guess that's when the Hi Fi bug started. Over the years I’ve owned Marantz, Kef, Gale and Magneplanar loudspeakers, British, American and New Zealand made amplifiers (valve & solid state), CD players from Philips, Denon, Mission, Meridian and Naim, turntables by Hitachi, Rega and Linn. I currently run a full Naim network streaming system in a dedicated, acoustically treated listening room constructed from adobe block.

My music genre tastes are mainly Americana/Country, not too heavy Rock, Singer/Songwriter and Jazz, both classic American and modern European. I have a large Classical collection that I'm trying to appreciate more and more. My favourite artist both in concert and recorded is Bob Dylan.

For me, Hi-Fi has always been the means to an end; to hear deeper into my music collection. As I've upgraded my system (and listening room) over many years, I've developed a greater appreciation of my favourite music. The listening experience has been enriched, and the discovery of new music and different genres has broadened. Good Hi-Fi will do that. Poor quality components won't. Simple logic really.

Outside of music and audio, my other interests are my New Zealand native plant garden and the native birds that inhabit it, eco housing, making stuff out of wood, and hill walking with family for exercise and recreation.



Established in 1991, Living Sound is owned by Ricky Dasler.

When you visit Living Sound you will be dealing directly with me. I will happily discuss your system needs, whether entry level, mid or high-end, CD, vinyl or network based, and what components will bring the best quality sound for your budget.

I will not confuse you with techno babble or tell you something is great if I believe it isn’t. I want you to get the best sound possible for your budget. That is of utmost importance. Information explained in a way that is easy to understand is key to you making the right decision and getting you excited rather than anxious about your purchase.

Music is important. Very important. A good Hi-Fi system will connect you more to your favouite artists and their musical intent. This greater connection to music is I believe, the sole purpose of a stereo replay system.

This fuller appreciation of music is had if the playback system provides better fidelity of the source, be it vinyl, CD or streaming files. The more challenging music genres such as orchestral classical and esoteric jazz are better heard and appreciated when a quality playback system is used.

Mediocrity is everywhere, and no more so than in the world of home entertainment electronics. Only in a specialty store like Living Sound will you find products that are designed and built by companies with a passion, and sold with passion to people who have a passion for better quality music reproduction in their lives.

This passion for quality music replay is what separates a specialist audio store from a mass market general appliance store, where your sound system purchase is of no more importantance to them than if you were buying a fridge.