Welcome to Living Sound.


Based in Nelson Living Sound is a specialist Audio/Visual business that has been serving local clients for the past 28 years.  Owned and operated by me, Ricky Dasler, I am an audio consultant and Hi-Fi/music enthusiast with a wealth of knowledge that I'm happy to share to assist you in obtaining the best sound system for your requirements and budget. I sell a range of products that are superior in performance to those found in mass-market consumer electronics and home appliance chain stores. The products I sell are, I believe, among the best available in their various price categories.
Whether you're looking for your first proper sound system, replacing a stereo that's run it's life span, a serious audiophile, or an architect looking for solutions for clients, building your own home and want an audio solution that will last, or need advice on the latest solutions in the digital world I'd love to help.


A True Specialist

One of the reasons Living Sound is called a specialist is because I only sell audio systems. I don’t sell whiteware, computers, lounge suites or musical instruments. The line between what is a Hi-Fi system and other house hold appliances has become blurred, devaluing a person’s experience of listening to music. Buying a stereo or home theatre shouldn’t be done on a ‘best price’ offer or any of the numerous ways we are bombarded by big-box retailers to hurry to get the latest ‘deal’. The reason Living Sound exists is because I believe good quality music reproduction matters. Whether it's a standalone dedicated Hi-Fi or an easy to use multi-room system, Living Sound has the technologies and options that will best suit your needs.

Technology made easy

Choosing from the latest digital technologies available can be a bit confusing. It all seems to be changing so fast. At Living Sound I like to keep things simple and make sure my customers understand what the various technologies and products do. This is important so you are able to make an informed decision on what products will best suit your particular requirements.

Whether it's a turntable, CD player, music streamer/server, amp or speakers, each part of an audio system requires some degree of knowledge before a decision to purchase is made. At Living Sound you will get all the information you need to understand these various parts of the stereo equation.


Take Your Time

At Living Sound I welcome you to take your time. I want you to feel relaxed and comfortable to ask me plenty of questions no matter how basic you think they are. I'm more than happy to share information that will help you with your system purchase. Even after you have the equipment in your home, if there's something you're not sure about, I'm only a phone call or email away, or feel free to pop into the store for a chat. On-going support is all part of the customer relationship at Living Sound.

Long-term music satisfaction is of the highest priority at Living Sound, so time spent at the beginning gathering information is time well spent when it comes time to make a purchase.